Competitive Edge

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Get members to rate the treatment
they get at your credit union…and watch
the performance of your employees climb
beyond anything you could ever imagine!

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You Want “Exceptional!”

Success, for credit unions, rides on an enviable reputation for “above-and-beyond” member service...the kind of superior performance that sets them apart and causes people to talk.

And of course, this is the very performance you want your people to deliver. But always, there are levels— from good, to better, to exceptional. And always... there is room for improvement.

Most efforts along these lines involve rigorous training and supervisory critiques. But rarely do these lift performance to a standard that one would call exceptional.

There is one way— just one way— to accomplish that. It’s the way athletes, artists and top performers in every field do it. By first “performing”, and then being scored by those most qualified to judge.

When it comes to rating employee performance, the best ones to do so— are those who actually experience it— your members.

It is this simple but sound formula that drives Quality Loop— a professionally-based feedback service for credit unions that hope to deliver exceptional levels of member service.

It has proven itself again and again.

The Quality Loop

Whenever performance is scored, performance improves. When performers SEE their scores, improvement accelerates.

The Effectiveness Of Quality Loop

These graphs illustrate a steady climb in overall employee performance for two different Quality Loop clients over five reporting periods.

Two graps of the effectiveness

We see remarkable improvements like this every day, but these are not our gains. Nor are they because of any particular thing these credit unions did internally. They are, very simply, the result of member-contact employees at these credit unions steadily sharpening their own performance by drawing on direct feedback from actual member interactions!

It’s a sure bet. It happens every time!