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Two Additional Survey Programs

Since it’s your employees who “do” the everyday business of the credit union, it’s their attitudes and intentions that determine the critical difference between get-by performance and real success.

How do your people personally feel about their individual working situations? And just how well do things work between departments and branches? And, likely are they to recommend the credit union to friends and family as either a place to work or as a place to do banking?

Because these considerations are critical to the overall effectiveness of your internal operation, we offer two additional monitoring services to help you sharpen your internal performance factor:

Employee Engagement Survey (EES)

It’s a simple truth— happy, engaged employees are more productive and produce better results for their employers. Our Employee Engagement Survey will let you see how your employees view their working situation at the credit union.

In effect, it's an internally-focused "Employee Net Promoter" survey that measures how engaged your employees are in the credit union’s success. Employees gain a sense of fulfillment when they feel good about their jobs and will “recommend” others to associate with the credit union as either potential employees or members.

Internal Service Survey (ISS)

By getting your people to express their feelings regarding everyday dealings with other internal "teams" (branches, departments and back office groups), our Internal Service Survey measures the direct support your people provide to each other. This consistent, focused, on-going monitoring of internal performance causes employees to think more deliberately about the importance of helping fellow staffers on a day-in and day-out basis.

How These Surveys Work:

With the initiation of either of these programs, Competitive Edge sends private emails to each of your employees which contain links to web-based survey forms. These surveys are usually short and easy to complete.

At your option, we can make sure that employees do not rate their own department, can only rate a department once, and the process maintains the employee's anonymity which encourages candor in their responses. We can also share with you common ISS-type survey questions that we’ve collected.

After the survey results are returned and distributed, branch and department managers should be encouraged to review the data for their respective areas. At team meetings, key issues can be identified and solutions developed. The same techniques for earning member loyalty also work with employees. Central to both efforts is treating people with dignity and respect.

From either of these processes, you and your people will identify ways to make things work better internally. You will enhance the factor of “job satisfaction” and will generate a greater sense of "team" within the organization.

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